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Corporate & Commercial | IY Law Firm
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Corporate & Commercial

Ivanov and Yonkova Law Firm provides corporate legal advisory services to companies in relation to their status, corporate changes, corporate relations, preparation and conclusion of commercial transactions, settlement of commercial disputes, and others. We also specialize in mergers and acquisitions.


We have experience and render legal advisory services in:

  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Preparation of due diligence reports;
  • Registration of companies such as OOD and AD with the Commercial Register and registration of subsequent corporate changes regarding managing bodies, capital, shareholders, in kind contributions, etc.;
  • Winding-up and Insolvency procedures;
  • Preparation and comments of commercial contracts and other documents – PoA, Declarations, Agreements, Minutes, Protocols, etc.;
  • Out-of-court settlement of commercial disputes between shareholders, as well as between traders and their counterparts in their commercial relations;
  • Collection of receivables;
  • Litigation services on commercial cases in court.

Corporate & Commercial

Legal advisory services to sole traders and companies on corporate and commercial matters.

Tax Legal Services

Legal advisory services to legal entities and individuals on tax issues. VAT, corporate taxes, taxes on individual’s income.

Employment Law

Legal advisory services in the area of Employment law to companies and individuals. Disputes resolution.

Real Estate Law

Legal advisory services in the area of the Property law, consulting our clients on deals with real estate properties.

Spatial Planning and Land Use

Legal advisory services in the area of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management.

Litigation Services

Litigation services on commercial, civil and administrative cases in court, related to collection of receivables, etc.