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Labour law | IY Law Firm
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Labour law / 09.08.2022

09.08.2022 author: Doychin Ivanov, attorney-at-law On 05.08.2022 amendments to the Bulgarian Labor Code were promulgated in the State Gazette no. 62, which concern important elements of employment relations. The changes are effective retroactively, starting from 01.08.2022. 1. Regarding changes to the employment relationship In Art. 66, para. 5 of...

Commercial law, Labour law / 09.04.2020

09.04.2020 Author: Doychin Ivanov, attorney-at-law On 09.04.2020 amendments in the Act on the Measures and Actions during the State of Emergency, introduced under Decision of the National Assembly on 13.03.2020, have been announced in the State Gazette issue 34/2020. (the State of Emergency Act) More information on the initial version of the State...

Labour law / 22.03.2020

The employment relationships in times of crisis 21.03.2020 Author: Doychin Ivanov, attorney-at-law On 13.03.2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak by virtue of a Decision of the Bulgarian National Assembly the members of the parliament introduced State of emergency. Under specific Order of the Health Minister shops, restaurants, gaming halls and other public places, on...