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Commercial law / 03.07.2021

03.07.2021 Author: Doychin Ivanov, attorney-at-law Main stages of the winding-up procedure The purpose of the winding-up procedure is closing – down a company by satisfying all creditors and distribution of remaining company’s property among the shareholders. In the course of the procedure several aspects are treated: commercial relations,...

Commercial law / 25.10.2020

25.10.2020 Author: Doychin Ivanov, attorney-at-law The establishment and functioning of the EU Common Market provides number of opportunities for businesses from different member states to cooperate and establish relations. In these cases, knowing your Bulgarian partner is important for the building of mutual trust and strengthening your business...

Commercial law, Labour law / 09.04.2020

09.04.2020 Author: Doychin Ivanov, attorney-at-law On 09.04.2020 amendments in the Act on the Measures and Actions during the State of Emergency, introduced under Decision of the National Assembly on 13.03.2020, have been announced in the State Gazette issue 34/2020. (the State of Emergency Act) More information on the initial version of the State...

Commercial law / 23.03.2020

The measures during the State of Emergency, declared on 13.03.2020 22.03.2020 Author: Doychin Ivanov, attorney-at-law On 20.03.2020 the Bulgarian Parliament adopted Act on the Measures and Actions During the State of Emergency, Declared by Virtue of a Decision of the National Assembly on 13.03.2020. (the State of...