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About Us - IY Lawfirm
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About Us


Ivanov & Yonkova Law Firm has been established in January 2019 by Doychin Ivanov, attorney-at-law, and Tsveta Ivanova-Yonkova, attorney-at-law after every one of them acquired more than 10 years of legal experience.


Ivanov & Yonkova Law Firm is a project, conceived a long time ago. Doychin Ivanov and Tsveta Ivanova – Yonkova had to go a long way gathering legal experience in different legal areas and different teams to come to the point where they start their own law firm.


Our mission in Ivanov & Yonkova Law Firm is to establish and grow reputable legal practice known for its integrity, efficiency, and high standards of legal expertise. We strive to become a reliable partner to our clients, which they trust firmly.


We are inspired by the successes of our clients and we desire to assist them in the resolution of the legal issues they meet in their everyday business activities, and their everyday life so that they avoid risks and achieve optimal results.


Ivanov & Yonkova Law Firm is oriented predominantly to cooperation with small and medium-sized companies and provides legal services in the areas of commercial and corporate law, tax, employment, litigation on civil, commercial, and administrative cases, IT law, mediation, etc.


Our values comprise honesty, responsibility, professionalism, dedication, positive and loyal attitude towards our clients and their cases.


We believe in the professional approach in the performance of each and every task and strive to render competent and timely legal services without a compromise with the quality. We are committed to building long-term, stable, and mutually beneficial professional relationships with our partners.


We are aware that our clients count on us and our expertise and driven by that we work having in mind the best defense and the best interest of our clients on every assigned case or other task to us.



Managing Partner



Professional C.V.

Doychin Ivanov has more than 10 years of professional experience as an attorney-at-law, being a member of the Sofia Bar Association since 2009.


For four years and a half Doychin Ivanov was a member of the Legal Advisory team of KPMG Bulgaria, where he specialized in the areas of Employment Law, Tax Law and Commercial Law, and Litigation on labour, tax, and commercial cases.


He worked on important cases of Bulgarian and foreign banks, oil companies, companies in the energy sector, telecommunication and IT companies related to VAT and corporate taxation, and employment cases regarding dismissals of key employees. He prepared legal opinions regarding employment issues and participated in negotiations regarding debt collection, which ended in out-of-court settlements.


As from 01.07.2018 Doychin Ivanov, attorney-at-law practices independently and on 01.01.2019 established together with Tsveta Ivanova – Yonkova, attorney-at-law Ivanov & Yonkova Law Firm.



Sofia University, Master of International Relations

Sofia University, Master of Law



English, French, German


Managing Partner



Professional C.V.

Before establishing together with Doychin Ivanov, attorney-at-law Ivanov & Yonkova Law Firm Tsveta Ivanova – Yonkova, attorney-at-law was part of the teams of several other law firms in Sofia, such as Popov & Partners Law Firm, Arnaudov & Uzunova Law Firm, etc.


Tsveta Ivanova – Yonkova has more than 12 years of professional experience as an attorney-at-law, being a member of the Sofia Bar Association since 2007.


Tsveta Ivanova – Yonkova, attorney-at-law specialized in commercial law, labour law, family law, enforcement procedures, as well as in the area of litigation services.



Sofia University, Master of Law



English, French, Russian