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Your trusted partner

We are attorney-at-law Doychin Ivanov and attorney-at-law Tsveta Ivanova – Yonkova and in the beginning of 2019 we founded Ivanov and Yonkova Law Firm, which during the past years established itself as a reputable legal practice in Bulgaria.


We are attorneys-at-law having more than 10 years of experience providing competent legal advisory services to the business and the citizens. We believe that being an attorney-at-law is above all vocation and duty in defending the rights of the citizens and their organizations. We consider that the proactive, competent and timely cooperation with an attorney-at-law resolves emerging cases positively.


Our understanding and attitude towards what we do is being always positive, considerate towards each and every client and his case, while striving in the same time to always improve our expertise and knowledge. We pay attention to every assigned task and we do not make compromises regarding the quality even of the smallest details.


Our practice areas is oriented in key legal areas, related to the business activity, as well as to the activity of the common citizens, such as corporate law, commercial deals, tax law, employment law, support in negotiations aimed at amicable resolution of existing and avoidance of potential commercial disputes, settlement of property issues, issues of the spatial planning, litigation on civil, commercial and administrative cases.


  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Tax
  • Employment
  • Real Estate
  • Spatial planning
  • Litigation services


Why working with us?

  • Ivanov and Yonkova Law Firm is a reputable legal practice having extensive experience on real cases of the small and medium sized business;
  • We understand your business and the specific details of your case;
  • We will present to you all available options and will advise you on the best one for your specific case;
  • We will keep you duly and timely posted on every step of the way on your case;
  • We work on competitive prices;
  • We will present to you our financial proposal for cooperation and we will not amend it in the course of the execution of our duties, i. e. you will be able to take an informed decision whether our terms and conditions are acceptable for you;
  • We deliver always more than expected and agreed;
  • We work transparently and execute diligently our duties until the end of the assigned task.

Corporate & Commercial

Legal advisory services to sole traders and companies on corporate and commercial matters.

Tax Legal Services

Legal advisory services to legal entities and individuals on tax issues. VAT, corporate taxes, taxes on individual’s income.

Employment Law

Legal advisory services in the area of Employment law to companies and individuals. Disputes resolution.

Real Estate Law

Legal advisory services in the area of the Property law, consulting our clients on deals with real estate properties.

Spatial Planning and Land Use

Legal advisory services in the area of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management.

Litigation Services

Litigation services on commercial, civil and administrative cases in court, related to collection of receivables, etc.



Managing Partner




Managing Partner


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